Sociopaths in a Relationship

Many of the affected, both women and men, have the feeling of having met a soul mate, the prince of their dreams. Sociopaths and narcissists give their best sexually, and women think that they are in heaven. Psychopaths and narcissist have a sense of what women need. They are not empathic. They cannot imagine what … Continue reading Sociopaths in a Relationship

Sleep 3 – Sleeping Problems and the Consequences

What is a sleeping problem? What can be considered as a sleeping problem? Symptoms of insomnia (sleeping problems) are: Sleep that doesn't recover and comes with - difficulty of falling asleep (taking longer than 30 minutes) and/or - difficulty of sleeping a whole night (waking up during the night or too early). Normally we distinguish … Continue reading Sleep 3 – Sleeping Problems and the Consequences

Seven pitfalls of toxic relationships

People need more than one relationship. Accordingly, we are wired in our brain. But do we, as people need romantic love? Helen Fischer, an anthropologist at the Kinsey Institute, states, “I came to realize that romantic love is a basic human drive,“ Her colleague Lucy Brown goes further and describes romantic love as a… “survival … Continue reading Seven pitfalls of toxic relationships

Gender Differences as a Source of Communication Problems

Today I will give you some information about gender differences in communication styles. Gender-specific communication differences are often a rich source of conflict in romantic relationships. Women communicate to maintain relationships while men communicate primarily to transmit information or in order to obtain information and then use it to display intellectual prowess. A woman, who … Continue reading Gender Differences as a Source of Communication Problems

Eating Habits

  One of the most important eating lessons we are taught as children is that we must never leave any food on our plates – that we must finish all our food at all costs. Did your parents tell you this? In Germany, children were told that the people in Africa would starve because they didn’t … Continue reading Eating Habits