Intelligent Weight Loss: Stop Emotional Eating

Here you will find information about my program: It's all about you and your habits, about emotional eating and losing weight, about hypnosis and strategic coaching. The goal is a slim and healthy body. Have you ever had the experience that whatever diet you tried just didn’t seem work in the long run? Wouldn’t you … Continue reading Intelligent Weight Loss: Stop Emotional Eating

Mediation: Learn to Meditate in Seven Steps

Learn to meditate today. Meditation will only be a benefit if you really do it. Thinking, speaking or dreaming about it, doesn't take you any further. Just do it! Look for a quiet and comfortable place. Sit on a chair or a pillow. You should sit totally straight. Turn off your mobile phone or at … Continue reading Mediation: Learn to Meditate in Seven Steps

What is Biodynamic Hypnosis?

Biodynamic hypnosis is a selection of methods aiming to enable change. Our brain is ever-changing, and we rely on the latest in neuroscience research when choosing techniques to address this changeability in mind. With hypnosis, changes of synoptic connections in the brain are possible and with it the change of habits and beliefs. What was … Continue reading What is Biodynamic Hypnosis?

Fear of flying

Often people have a sickening feeling when they get on a plane. Although the plane is statistically the safest means of transport, some people fear flying. However, especially after major aircraft accidents, it is difficult for many to give up control and confide in the pilot and the machine. People who fear flying are so … Continue reading Fear of flying

Panic attacks

People who suffer from panic disorders experience real anxiety attacks. Those attacks can break out over and over again in certain situations (crowds, invitations), in certain places (open spaces, bridges, elevators), in certain encounters (spiders, dogs). They are then associated with a type of phobia. Panic attacks can target those affected but can also target … Continue reading Panic attacks


Are you afraid of spiders, fear flying or heights? Then you probably suffer from a phobia - a form of anxiety disorder. People suffering from phobias experience a strong and long-lasting fear of certain objects or situations. For example, seeing a spider or thinking of a dentist appointment. Now neither spiders nor dental visits are … Continue reading Phobias


Fear and anxiety are parts of life, they have a protective function. Fear helps us recognize danger and react appropriately with our full attention. Well-grounded fear gives us the energy necessary to act decisively, take protective measures or take on challenges and mobilize our forces. Our body responds to threats with either a fight or … Continue reading Anxiety

Who are you? Your beliefs come true!

What we believe forms our personality and our personality influences our behavior and shapes our perceptions, attitudes, mood, and expectations. Our reality is what we believe it to be.  So ask yourself: Who am I? You will probably respond with your name. But who is this person with your name? Think about it and complete … Continue reading Who are you? Your beliefs come true!

The heartbreakprogram: Overcome the feeling of a broken heart and heal yourself

Farewells belong to every life. There is no man who, in the course of his life, does not lose another person through death or separation. We have in these moments the feeling that our heart is broken. It takes time to heal it. Sometimes, however, people cannot let go of the partner. They wait for him/her … Continue reading The heartbreakprogram: Overcome the feeling of a broken heart and heal yourself