Learn Conversational Hypnosis

Learn conversational hypnosis or covert hypnosis because you can talk to another person's unconscious mind without being aware of it. You need just some easy to learn language skills, magic words and language patterns. Since it often happens in the course of a seemingly normal conversation, this form is also called conversational hypnosis. The goal is to … Continue reading Learn Conversational Hypnosis

Sociopaths in a Relationship

Many of the affected, both women and men, have the feeling of having met a soul mate, the prince of their dreams. Sociopaths and a narcissists give their best sexually and women think that they are in heaven. Psychopaths and narcissist have a sense of what women need. They are not empathic. They cannot imagine … Continue reading Sociopaths in a Relationship

Who Most Likely Walk into a Sociopath’s Trap?

Are you a victim of a sociopath or narcissist? There is a widespread rumor on the internet that a sociopath and narcissist can attract anyone. In my opinion, this is not true. According to my research and experience, victims of a sociopath or a narcissist most likely have the following personality traits: They are often very … Continue reading Who Most Likely Walk into a Sociopath’s Trap?

The Six Human Needs (Explanation)

"According to human needs psychology, all human motivation can be explained as the desire to meet one or more of six primary human needs. These are Certainty: the need for stability, safety, and comfort, Variety: the need for stimulus and change, Significance: the need to be special and worthy of attention, Connection and love: the need for connection with … Continue reading The Six Human Needs (Explanation)

Traces on a Frosted Window: Sociopaths and Narcissists

I was at a conference in Florida, and there I got the opportunity to listen to a lecture in which the book "The Sociopath Next Door - The Unscrupulous: Their Lies, Tactics and Tricks" by Martha Stout was recommended. The name stuck with me afterwards and I went out and bought it. I read the … Continue reading Traces on a Frosted Window: Sociopaths and Narcissists

Mediation: Learn to Meditate in Seven Steps

Learn to meditate today. Meditation will only be benefit if you really do it. Thinking, speaking or dreaming about it, doesn't take you any further. Just do it! Look for a quiet and comfortable place. Sit on a chair or a pillow. You should sit totally straight. Turn off your mobile phone or at least … Continue reading Mediation: Learn to Meditate in Seven Steps

What is Biodynamic Hypnosis?

Biodynamic hypnosis is a selection of methods aiming to enable change. Our brain is ever-changing, and we rely on the latest in neuroscience research when choosing techniques to address this changeability in the brain. With hypnosis, changes of synoptic connections in the brain are possible and with it the change of habits and beliefs. What … Continue reading What is Biodynamic Hypnosis?

The Six Human Needs

The Six Human Needs were initially introduced by Anthony Robbins. Every day we make certain decisions and take actions. Most of the time we probably don’t give these decisions or actions a second thought. We tend to filter out the detail of our lives to focus on what’s most important. However, there are certain advantages … Continue reading The Six Human Needs


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Dr. Birgit Zottmann studied educational science, is a certified hypnotherapist and a NGH proved hypnosis instructor. She is also trained as a MBSR (Mindful Based Stress Reduction) teacher. She is practicing in private practice hypnosis since 17 years in Frankfurt (Germany) and is an expert in handling clients with weight problems and stress related symptoms. … Continue reading Home