This test of the six human needs was created by Cloe Madanes and  Tonny Robbins Every statement must be graded as: “No,” “Partly,” or “Yes.” Honestly grade each statement: “Yes,” for “yes, this is really me.” “Partly” for this is partly how I am,” and “No” for “This is probably not how I am.” (If … Continue reading HUMAN NEEDS TEST

Learn Conversational Hypnosis

Learn conversational hypnosis or covert hypnosis because you can talk to another person's unconscious mind without being aware of it. You need just some easy to learn language skills, magic words and language patterns. Since it often happens in the course of a seemingly normal conversation, this form is also called conversational hypnosis. The goal is to … Continue reading Learn Conversational Hypnosis

The Six Human Needs (Explanation)

"According to human needs psychology, all human motivation can be explained as the desire to meet one or more of six primary human needs. These are Certainty: the need for stability, safety, and comfort, Variety: the need for stimulus and change, Significance: the need to be unique and worthy of attention, Connection and love: the need for connection with … Continue reading The Six Human Needs (Explanation)

Mediation: Learn to Meditate in Seven Steps

Learn to meditate today. Meditation will only be a benefit if you really do it. Thinking, speaking or dreaming about it, doesn't take you any further. Just do it! Look for a quiet and comfortable place. Sit on a chair or a pillow. You should sit totally straight. Turn off your mobile phone or at … Continue reading Mediation: Learn to Meditate in Seven Steps


Are you afraid of spiders, fear flying or heights? Then you probably suffer from a phobia - a form of anxiety disorder. People suffering from phobias experience a strong and long-lasting fear of certain objects or situations. For example, seeing a spider or thinking of a dentist appointment. Now neither spiders nor dental visits are … Continue reading Phobias

Six Strategies For a Good Night Sleep Part 2

4. MANAGING ALCOHOL, NICOTINE AND CAFFEIN The consumption of alcohol before going to bed, often leads to falling asleep quicker. Many people like this effect of „turning off“ quicker at night. But: alcohol is quickly transformed and in the second half of the night you might have problems with the sleep becoming irregular and fragmented. … Continue reading Six Strategies For a Good Night Sleep Part 2