What is Biodynamic Hypnosis?

Biodynamic hypnosis is a selection of methods aiming to enable change. Our brain is ever-changing, and we rely on the latest in neuroscience research when choosing techniques to address this changeability in mind. With hypnosis, changes of synoptic connections in the brain are possible and with it the change of habits and beliefs.

What was yesterday can be different today because everything that lives is continually changing. Thus, your change becomes a natural process.

When does Biodynamic Hypnosis help?

Biodynamic hypnosis supports

  • Personality development and performance improvement
  • Overcoming fears and other negative emotions
  • Healing processes
  • Calming of the nervous system, especially the vagus nerve

Why Biodynamic Hypnosis?

Because of it

  • Has no side effects
  • Is experienced with the conscious and unconscious mind
  • Is mindfulness in action
  • Affects both body, mind and soul
  • Uses flexible, scientifically tested methods:
    • Analytical hypnosis- regression hypnosis
    • Conversation/wake hypnosis
    • Work with the inner child
    • Work with parts (part personalities)
    • Mental training
    • Work with metaphors
    • Work with images/visualization
    • Psychological counseling
    • Strategic coaching
    • The biodynamic mindfulness hypnosis – self-hypnosis
    • HRV heart rate variability
    • Energy therapy
    • Self-care
    • MEFT (Mindful Emotional Focused Therapy)

The goal of biodynamic hypnosis is to enable efficient and compact hypnotherapy. This limits the therapy duration.

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