Quit smoking forever and be a non smoker in three hours!

Would you like to quit smoking, be a non smoker forever? Don’t you think that now is the time to free yourself?

Here in our practice we offer you support with biodynamic hypnosis so that you can achieve this goal easily?

The success rate of quitting smoking through hypnosis is over 80%! You can finally become a non-smoker – without the risk of side effects. It’s worthy to mention that with hypnosis you will also get to keep your weight!

We only accept clients who really want to change.

In most cases, a single three-hour session will be sufficient to help you quit smoking forever! Hundreds of our ex-smokers can prove this.

How biodynamic hypnosis works in quitting smoking!

  • Biodynamic hypnosis achieves a mild trance that causes a lasting change on the way you behave and think on a neuronal level. Our suggestions aim to make smoking and cigarettes uninteresting … meaningless.
  • Mental training prepares you for your new, smoke-free life.
  • You will be able to be around smokers without feeling disturbed by the smoke. Hard to imagine, but it works permanently.
  • Our therapists have all smoked and therefore know first-hand what they are talking about.

Will you gain weight if you stop smoking?

Your organisms will change after you quit smoking. This can cause you to gain 1 – 2 pounds. However, these pounds will disappear after 4 to 6 weeks by themselves. Because you won’t have a reason to change your eating habits as a non-smoker with us.

You will not have to fight cigarettes. Cigarettes will simply be uninteresting to you. Because of that you will gain health, freedom, self-confidence and peace. How does that sound?

Our services

Biodynamic Hypnosis for becoming a nonsmoker

  • A Highly effective biodynamic hypnosis session with mental training for cognitive restructuring lasting 3 hours
  • Some mp3 guiding audio for listening at home
  • An additional ½ hour hypnosis session (if needed)
  • A Free follow-up call after the session

Biodynamic hypnosis has a convincing, profound and lasting effect.

We conduct our meetings as

  • Individual intensive sessions and

With great success also in hospitals and companies as group sessions.


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