The heartbreakprogram: Overcome the feeling of a broken heart and heal yourself

Farewells belong to every life. There is no man who, in the course of his life, does not lose another person through death or separation. We have in these moments the feeling that our heart is broken. It takes time to heal it.

Sometimes, however, people cannot let go of the partner. They wait for him/her to come back. They often think of these people every day for many years and suffer from it. Often this is a consequences of a toxic relationship.

Unhealthy separations can make you sick.

Toxic relationships not only make the soul sick, they attack our physical health and are the catalyst for many, sometimes also serious diseases whose real cause is initially in the dark.

Mindfulness and hypnosis for healing a broken heart

An example of a client who reached out to me years ago illustrates this:

„My friend left me again. Last time I went to rehab. I cannot let go, I cannot understand and much worse: I can’t imagine a life without him, just lying in bed. I lack the strength to get up. I don’t understand the world anymore. Constantly these panic attacks that he no longer reports. I can’t stand it anymore. Unfortunately, I don’t have a circle of friends. Everyone in the office thinks I’m not quite tight anymore. I don’t even know how I will get to the office tomorrow. Maybe all what I am writing to you is rubbish……..”

My goal is to help women and men in and after a (toxic) relationships to become completely themselves again, to heal, to be able to take a new relationship with themselves and with a new self-awareness.

a broken heart is hurting

I have developed a 5-part “Overcome Your Heartbreak” Hypnocoaching program, with which I help those affected to see and reach the light at the end of the tunnel in individual sessions in my office or via Skype.

Contents of the “Overcome Your Heartbreak” Hypnocoaching program:

  • Mindfulness: What actually happens to me? Find your place of security.
  • Overcome self-doubt and shame: dealing with anger
  • The work with the inner Child(ren): The detection of parts in themselves that are small and not sufficiently felt. The goal is to accept and integrate all parts.
  • The healing of the Heart
  • Self-care: I accept myself as I am and love myself. I make myself my friend.
  • To strengthen self-confidence, self-esteem and confidence: Who am I?
  • Activate the inner helper: I am lifted and safe.
  • Information about the topic and personal conversations

Methods of the “Overcome Your Heartbreak” Hypnocoaching program:

  • Mindfulness Exercises
  • Meditation
  • Hypnosis and Self hypnosis
  • Coaching

Because you want to change the situation in which you are located, there is something to do. Talking about it does well and leads to a relief, but we do change only by doing something (different). This is why you will receive homework after each meeting, which takes at least 20 minutes every day.

The sessions (Skype Sessions as well) should take place every 2 weeks. The Skype address is: birgitzottmann

When booking a session package, I am also there for you at a moment of crisis!

Our published prices are valid for all further consultations.


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